Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 12, 2024


Hello? Caller ID respects your privacy and the need for protection of the Personal Data you share with Hello? Caller ID.

To better protect your privacy, Hello? Caller ID provides this Privacy Policy (“Policy”), explaining Hello? Caller ID’s information practices, including how Hello? Caller ID collects and uses the Personal Data you may provide to Hello? Caller ID through Hello? Caller ID’s application, and the choices you can make about the way your Personal Data is collected and used.

Hello? Caller ID is committed to compliance and adherence to Personal Data privacy and protection laws, rules, and regulations. Please take the time to read our Policy fully. Note Hello? Caller ID does not control and is not responsible for the privacy policies, practices, or the content of any third party. Hereafter, Hello? Caller ID will explain what Personal Data is collected and for what purpose



When You create a user profile in the Services and confirm being the holder of a certain number, Hello? Caller ID will collect the information provided by You. In order to create a user profile, You must register Your first name, last name and phone number. Additional information that may be provided at Your option include, but is not limited to, photo, gender, street address and zip code, country of residence, BIO, business details, email address, professional website, Facebook page link, X page link , BEHANCE page link, FACEBOOK page link, INSTAGRAM page link, LINKEDIN page link, YOUTUBE Chanel link, TIKTOK page link, SNAPCHAT page link, PINTEREST page link and a short status message. Hello? Caller ID may supplement the information provided by You with information from third parties and add it to the information provided by You e.g. demographic information and additional contact information that is publicly available. As a Hello’s user, you have a full access to edit or delete your profile data including your social accounts links.


When You install and use the Services, Hello will collect personal information from You and any devices You may use in Your interaction with our Services. This information may include e.g.: geo-location; Your IP address; device ID or unique identifier; device manufacturer and type; device and hardware settings; SIM card usage; applications installed on your device; ID for advertising; ad data, operating system; web browser; operator; IMSI; connection information; screen resolution; usage statistics; default communication applications; access to device address book; device log and event information; logs, keywords and meta data of incoming and outgoing calls and messages; version of the Services You use and other information based on Your interaction with our Services such as how the Services are being accessed (via another service, web site or a search engine); Your paired devices (such as smart watch); the pages You visit and features you use on the Services; the services and websites You engage with from the Services; content viewed by You, content You have commented on or sent to us and information about the ads You see and/or engage with; the search terms You use; order information and other usage activity and data logged by Hello’s servers from time to time. Hello may collect some of this information automatically through use of cookies and You can learn more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy.

Some information, including, but not limited to, usage information and other information that may arise from Your interaction with the Services, cannot be used to identify You, whether in combination with other information or otherwise and will not constitute personal information for the purposes of this Policy.


You may provide us with Your user identifier information regarding, or to enable Your usage of, certain third party services (together with a mapped photo where applicable) e.g. social networking services and payment services, in order for the Services to interoperate with such third party services. You may use such third party services to create Your user profile or log in to our Services, share information with such third party services, or to connect Your user profile with the respective third party services. Such third party services may automatically provide us with access to certain personal information retained by them about You (e.g., your payment handle, unique identification information, content viewed by You, content liked by You and information about the advertisements You have been shown or may have clicked on) and You agree that we may collect, use and retain the information provided by these third party services in accordance with this Privacy Policy. You may be able to control the personal information You allow us to have access to through the privacy settings on the respective third party service. We will never store any passwords created for any third party services.


Where the Hello? Caller ID mobile applications (“Hello Apps”) are obtained from other sources than Apple App Store or Google Play, You may share the names, numbers, Google ID’s and email addresses contained in Your address book (“Contact Information”) with Hello by enabling the Hello Enhanced Search Functionality. Where the Hello Apps are obtained from Apple App Store or Google Play, we do not share any user Contact Information. In addition to Contact Information, if You choose to activate use of a third party service, such as social networks services, within the Services, Hello may collect, store and use the list of identifiers associated with said services linked to the Contact Information in order to enhance the results shared with other Users.

Please note that no other contact information other than the phone numbers and thereto attached names, Google ID’s and email addresses will be collected and used from Your address book. Other numbers or information that may be contained in Your address book will be filtered away by our safety algorithms and will therefore not be collected by Hello. Please also note that You can always choose not to share Contact Information with Hello and if You have shared such information and changed Your mind, You can delist Your number or opt-out to render Your entire Contact Information unavailable for search in the Hello database.


You may provide us with various information in connection with Your interaction with our Services. For example, You may through tagging functionality associate a phone number, that is not registered in the Hello database or belongs to a User, with a business or name and You may report a phone number as spam or some other attribute to be included in spam blocking directories. Hello may also from time to time offer You the opportunity to provide information on Your experience from using the Services or to participate in contests, surveys or other promotions. Hello will collect the information You provide in connection therewith, as well as any other information You provide through the Services or when You communicate or interact with us.

Data Collection and Processing

Hello? Caller ID hereby confirms that the collection, processing, and use of Personal Data is done in compliance with all data protection regulations and is in adherence to the laws, specifically the GDPR, the CCPA, the LGPD, the PDPB alongside the other data protection laws. This means Hello? Caller ID only processes Personal Data in case of legitimate interest or under permission of processing by the user.

Hello? Caller ID has technical, contractual, and organizational measures in place to ensure that the data protection rules are abided by and that Personal Data is secure from access and manipulation. Hello? Caller ID collects the following category of Personal Data which are relevant for using of the services: phone number, functioning as a user IDCaller ID collects contact data in order to provide the basic functionality of the application.

Please note that for the efficient operation of the application, the user has to grant access permission on the access to:

  • The call log: to identify the caller's number and to organize the call list inside the Hello? Caller ID’s application.
  • The contact list: to provide you much better results and identify spammers in your contacts list. By continue with quick taging, your list of contacts will be uploaded to our database as a tags of these phone numbers, and these contacts and tags will appear in the search results for the other users.
  • The phone status: for the purpose of the detecting phone calls.
  • The phone number: to organize the call list inside the Hello? Caller ID’s application.

All of this Personal Data is subject to special protection in accordance with the regulations under data protection law, which Hello? Caller ID guarantees through technical and obligatory measures. This Personal Data cannot be assigned to any particular person. Merging of this Personal Data with other data sources will not be done.

Cooperation with Third Parties

Hello? Caller ID only passes on Personal Data to third parties under permission or on the basis of justified interest and economic operations in Hello? Caller ID’s business. Approval of information processing by third parties is given on the basis of a signed Data Protect Agreement.

Transmission to Third Countries The transmission or processing of Personal Data to third countries with express consent only occurs if it fulfills a legal obligation or is of justified interest to Hello? Caller ID. Hello? Caller ID only processes Personal Data in a third country under the legal and contractual agreement if an appropriate data-protection level is met.

Beacons and cookies

Hello? Caller ID may use cookies, tracking pixels, and other similar beacon technologies to provide services to Partners. Cookies are small data files stored on a user's device that help to identify the same user's browser. Using cookies is a common and prevalent practice. Cookies can be removed using privacy preferences in the user's browser or application or using general system privacy settings (such as available in Android operating systems, for instance).

Request for access to and correction of Personal Information

Each user of Hello? Caller ID's application may update, edit, delete, withdraw consent for the collection and obtain a copy of Personal Data. Once collected, all Personal Data will be stored safely for record-keeping purposes. Please be advised that Hello? Caller ID may retain and use your Personal Data as necessary to comply with its legal obligations and resolve disputes.

Hello as a Phone Number Directory (Search by Phone Numbers, Names, and Emails)

When you register and utilize our application or website, we employ your provided information such as phone numbers, names, emails, social links, date of birth, gender, and location to facilitate a phone number directory service. This functionality enables users of Hello to access these details when conducting searches by phone number, names, or emails. Such a feature proves invaluable particularly in instances where users have misplaced their contacts or seek to retrieve specific ones, and to identify the unknwon numers. Additionally, this feature offers significant utility to sales agencies seeking to refine their targeting strategies. By accessing this information, they can effectively tailor their outreach efforts to the appropriate audience segments. However, we recognize the sensitivity of personal data and prioritize the privacy of our users. If upon registering your profile, you find this utilization of your information uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Upon receiving your request, we commit to promptly removing all your provided information from our website within 7 days. At all times, we operate with utmost respect for user privacy and remain committed to ensuring a secure and transparent experience for all our users.

Sarhny صارحني

Hello allows you to send anonymous messages by entering a registered phone number or email associated with our platform. Hello ensures that messages are encrypted and anonymous to the recipient. However, Hello is not responsible for the content of the messages. Additionally, if you are bothered by receiving anonymous messages through Hello, you can deactivate the feature to receive messages via the application or website.

Term of store Personal Information

Hello? Caller ID collects and stores Personal Data for as long as this data is relevant and necessary to provide the basic functionality of the application.

Deactivate your account

You can deactivate your account completely. By deactivation your account, you will delete your information from Hello. If you login to the app or to the website again your account will be activated direcatly

Children’s PrivacyHello?

Caller ID does not address anyone under the age of 14. Hello? Caller ID does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information fThe contact list:rom children under 18.


Hello? Caller ID reserves the right to amend this Privacy Notice from time to time. Contact us If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy.

Please contact Hello? Caller ID at [email protected]